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SportAnalytik events are typically held on the weekend and take between 3 and 4 hours. Your child will participate in warm-up activities and then join in a small team led by our coaches. We make every effort to combine children of similar ages. The team then completes several fun physical activities, each aimed at measuring unique physical ability.

The entire event is fun, entertaining, and focused on creating pleasant and memorable experience for your child. Our goal is for participating children to leave enthusiastic about their newly discovered talents and motivated to stay active.

How much does it cost?
The price of each event depends on the venue and type of event. Please select specific event below to display price.

What will I get?
Besides the half-day of fun and entertaining activity, you will also receive an individual talent and sport report for your child. The report summarises your child’s results, provides age and gender specific peer comparison leveraging a database of over 300,000 children, and provides recommendations for the most suitable sports for your child. Evaluation of suitability of two parent selected sports is also provided.

Sample report: Talent Report, Sport Report.

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A SportAnalytik event is a fun and entertaining half-day, spent performing a variety of physical skills tests in a playful and low pressured environment.

Every child leaves with a personal evaluation, a recommendation of their most suitable sports and with the joy of newly discovered talents.

SportAnalytik event – children’s perspective

Roman Andrea's and Natalia's dad
The event was not a drill, but exercises combined with play and fun. The girls really enjoyed it and were asking when we will go again :)
Mayuri Vihaan's Mom
I was curious how Vihaan's compares to peers and what sports are his natural fit. The results confirmed by assumptions and made me happy.
Natalia 5 years
It was awesome. Especially the run at the end when everybody cheered ...
Kaja 11 years
Thanks to dancing and other sport activities, I am in good shape. The results confirmed it. At the same time, they showed me areas I need to improve in.

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